Green Thumb Models


  • Growee Automatic dosing—with the ability to automatically adjust PH level up and down, as well as feed your water reservoir the nutrients it needs to maximize plant growth at every stage. Includes 4 pumps, hoses,  ph and liquid nutrient solution containers. 
  • Catalytic heater—propane or natural gas built-in thermostat, this heater is 99.9% efficient and requires no power to operate.  
  • Water Chiller—during hot summer months maintaining a constant water temperature of 66-70 degrees will optimize plant production. Utilizing a 1/4hp inline water chiller will maximize your plants potential. 
  • Propane system—don’t have access to natural gas? Not a problem with our 120lb 4 bottle system,  you can maintain heat up to 60 days without refuelling. The system comes with 4 -30lb bottles, bottle holders and gauges. Manifold system for easy exchange while keeping your heater lite. 
  • 48 Location Cloning Machine—wanting to save time and increase yields, start by cloning your existing plants,  this all in one cloning machine will have you up and growing in just a few days.
  • Security Camera—wanting to keep an eye on your plants, double-check those light before nodding off to sleep, have a power outage and want to make sure the power came back on. Let us install a Wi-Fi capable camera that sends real-time full-colour video straight to your phone or tablet device.
  • Tri meter manual ph and nutrient measuring device—love being in your garden? Would you rather control your water reservoir manually keeping an eye on water levels and temperatures on your own? With the Tri meter digital readout, it’s easy to know exactly what’s needed to keep your reservoir in optimal condition.
  • Lighting upgrade—if you prefer the technology of LED over that of the T5HO let us provide you with a custom quote that suits your needs. 

Getting started with your Canadian Green Thumb

Plug your Canadian Green Thumb in using our heavy duty power cord (12/3 wire recommended) if you have selected to operate two reservoir systems you will need to plug in both heavy duty power cords.

Ensure the interior exhaust fan is functioning and all preset parameters (Thermostat &; Humidity) are within the requirements for your selected vegetables, fruits or flowers.

Select the vegetables, fruits or flowers seeds or trimmings you plan to grow.

Choose to grow from seeds with our seedling starter kit, our seedling starter kit comes with a preset timer for our 6400k LED grow light and heated under mat for maximum growth. Start up to 200 seedlings at a time. Or choose to grow from trimmings from your existing plants in our 48 location cloning machine, Cloning allows you to skip the seedling stage, increase production, have uniform plant formation, making harvest time sooner and more predictable.

Once your seedlings or clones have developed a small root system move them into our Nano Domes providing 6400k full spectrum LED lighting and let them grow.

Now that your seedling or clones have grown into a healthy young plant it’s time to fill the reservoirs with water, ensure to test your PH, Nutrient level and water temperature with our Grow Boss Digital Tri-Meter conveniently hard mounted for easy use. When selecting a nutrient be sure to consult your local nursery or horticulturist.

Turn on the Water pump, Aeration and In-line UV light, as well as the oscillating fans. All items are preset to maximize production and energy efficiency.

Next take your seedling in its Rockwool plug or Clay pebble growing medium and insert it into your choice of 2”, 3” or 4” Net pots and simply insert the pot into the proper sized hole in either your Horizontal Hydroponic wall or your vertical Aeroponic tower wall. (Fully matured plant size should be considered when choosing your Net Pot).

Turn on the lighting option you have chosen 60w T5 High Output Grow lights or the upgraded 48w 6400k full spectrum LED. Growing a plant structure with a flowering stage? make sure to select our 420 full spectrum 6400k with additional Deep Red 2400k to produce the heights yields.

Maintaining proper PH, Nutrients and Water temperatures is extremely important for healthy plant growth and maximum yields. Your reservoirs should be inspected for any bacterial or algae growth and cleaned as required. With our dual reservoir system, cleaning and maintaining your water system is easier and more efficient, simply lift the pump and aerator out of reservoir one and set it into reservoir two, this will allow you to remove, clean and re-install reservoir one, all while your second system continues to function and provide life to your plants.

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